auto dialers with leads

Auto dialers are phone systems that coordinate with databases in order to automatically dial through lists of numbers. This requires that the system have access to a database in order for prospects to be dialed.

auto dialers with leads

An auto dialer doesn't really come with leads. The hope and expectation is that the auto dialer will generate leads. The lead is the product that is produced by the auto dialer. The list of names, prospects is what is usually a point of concern for purchasing an auto dialer.

There are companies that specialize in selling auto dialers as well as companies that specialize in selling prospect lists. To purchase a prospect list will involve an analysis of your intent. The approach may include a strategy to own the list which would permit the user a royalty free approach at using the list without any reservations. This approach is the most costly. There are other ways to purchase the list for a one time mailing, or one time calling. This approach would typically be the least expensive. Here are a list of some vendors that provide prospect lists:

Info Usa Direct Leads
Sales Genie Direct Leads
Mailing lists Direct
Great Lists

Remember that council by those that do this on a daily basis can be priceless. Many times lists are purchased only to be discovered that they are out dated, phone numbers changed, numbers on a do not disturb list aren't properly maintained thereby exposing you to issues with the federal government.


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