auto dialing phone

Auto dialing phones may also be referred to as autodialers. An autodialer can automatically dial a list of phone numbers. Once dialed, it may be used to initiate phone conversations. Some are called predictive dialers, progressive dialers.

auto dialing phone

There are myriads of products and vendors that produce auto dialing phones. Really, mostly it is software that coordinates with phones. The software coordinates with the phone system in order to automatically dial through lists. The features vary, but here's a list of features that you should expect from an auto dialing phone:

  • Automatic disconnection
  • Manual disconnection
  • Phone list number dialing consecutively
  • Allow the user to interact
  • Play a recorded message
  • Busy numbers should be redialed
  • Move busy numbers to the end of the list
  • Log records produced of all calls
  • No calls to a Do Not Call list
  • Manage calls from a centralized database
  • Setup a campaign strategy so multiple approaches and strategies may be measured
  • Multi line capacity

A good system should offer many of these features in a way that doesn't interfere with the service being provided. You don't want the person receiving a call to have to wait for the call to initiate. The sound quality should be good. The information being provided should be succinct, to the point.

Some suggestions for using the auto dialing phones:

  1. Sales - establish calls to your target audience and watch the phone rip through thousands of names
  2. Information to be passed to groups - Many times, people who belong to large organizations find it difficult to spread good up to the minute information. Perhaps a baseball organization with hundreds of teams not knowing if the rain was enough to shut the fields down, or corporate environments have team members dispersed in different states and having a need to get information out to management.
  3. A message from the owner - perhaps the owner of a company would like to personally "call" each employee to share his vision for the company
  4. And many more...

System Requirements

There are many different system types for auto dialing phones. Some are based on the computer. Typically, you could expect to have the following as a requirement:

  • Pentium-based Computer
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 100 MB Hard Drive space
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • USB ports

Things you need to know!

Many times, words are used and assumptions are made that people are sharing the words with people that have the same background and understanding. For example, one common element that's necessary for auto dialing phones would be the database. A database may be something that can be derived from a spreadsheet, a PC based database such as Access, FoxPro, Paradox, and so on. It may also refer to an enterprise database such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, MYSQL, and others. Sometimes, the simple setup model may present difficulties at a later time when lists need to be integrated or separated. Analysis of data is usually crucial to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. Sometimes, the software uses a proprietary database and you may be locked out of using further analysis than what is designed within the package.

Additionally, there are commercial codes that may be affected by the numbers you attempt to call. Your caller ID may be an issue if you do not want your home phone number to be the number listed when the calls are made.


Have it YOUR Way!

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