auto dialing software

An auto dialing phone will require auto dialing software. Auto dialing software will coordinate with the auto dialer to dial through a list of prospects.

auto dialing software

Marketing can consist of utilizing mailers, radio, television, phone, and more. If the medium for mass communicating your message is the phone, then auto dialing software will be necessary.

Auto dialing software varies by vendor. Usually, components include:

  • The ability to manage a database that generates calling lists
  • Script that is specific to each marketing campaign
  • Compliance with the federal regulations do not call list
  • Analysis of the calling campaign - statistical measurements
  • Detail management of the call outcome
  • Reports of performance

The process of implementing auto dialing software will require a tenacity for knowledge. How do you prepare your script for each campaign? Is it the best that it can be? Does the database that you're calling represent the best target audience for your product or service? What is your expected result? If you don't achieve your expected result, what will your next step be?

These questions are others will likely be part of the effort. Also, you may want to consider those that do this for a living. Experience is a wonderful tool offered to those without it for a reasonable fee. There are varying ways that companies charge in these efforts. Some charge for the effort of the call, usually 2 to 3 cents per call. This is a brokerage type model. Much like the stock brokerage firms that charge a fee to coordinate a transaction. They usually aren't adversely affected whether the market goes up or down. Another pricing model is that a company may only charge you on successful results. These are probably the best way to go since you only pay for a successful effort.


Have it YOUR Way!

Did you know that you can run calls yourself on the web? If you prefer, we can also control your calls for you. Either way we want to make sure your campaign is a success. We want to build a lasting business relationship with all of our clients, and we are committed to doing just that!