auto phone dialers

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auto phone dialers

Manually dialing operators are a thing of the past. The operator, being a human will constantly be dealing with rejection and more often than not, resist dialing through to the next number beginning to sense that it's just another rejection on the way.

Predictive dialers assisted solving this problem. Calls would be auto dialed and the ringing phone line would be passed to the waiting operator. This accelerated the dialing process, but still the operator had to find enough energy to deliver an enthusiastic message. This also, is quite difficult to do.

Now enters auto phone dialers. Here, there is a coordination with a database in order to supply the phone numbers to be phoned like the predictive dialer, but now the difference is that your strategically recorded offering of your product and/or service is played to the recipient. Upon successful delivery and the listener wanting more information, the operator is now engaged in a willful discussion.

As wonderful as this sounds, caution is advised. Remember that there are some crucial ingredients that are necessary for all of the above to come together:

  • Operators must be trained on how to follow up with a possible lead.
  • The calls should be placed to an audience that is aligned with the product and/or service.
  • The messages should be constructed with the finest precision of terms that are hot and relative to the prospect.
  • Extreme analysis should be done to insure that the message being delivered is the most effective.
  • Costs should be measured to insure a proper cost-benefit analysis
  • Reports demonstrating the effort and results are imperative

Much of the items mentioned above are administrated and offered by companies that offer these services. Most times, the professionally led campaign is the cheapest. Having the best script writing assistance, demographic council, dialers that won't fail, and reporting systems supported online!


Have it YOUR Way!

Did you know that you can run calls yourself on the web? If you prefer, we can also control your calls for you. Either way we want to make sure your campaign is a success. We want to build a lasting business relationship with all of our clients, and we are committed to doing just that!