automated phone survey

In producing an automated phone survey, choose a company that can give your survey prospects the option to experience your survey and speak with an agent, leave a voice message, hear additional information, or simply decline.

automated phone survey

There are varying strategic approaches of automated phone survey efforts.

  • Predictive dialing surveys - Predictive dialing permits a computer to dial for your group of live operators. Once a connection is made, the operator receives the call and begins to present the message. If it is believed that the operator can deliver a fresh and dynamic presentation every time he/she engages, then this would be an appropriate approach
  • IVR Surveys on an inbound bases - Here is a situation that features typically a toll free number for inbound calls by the participants. It is also possible to take the inbound caller and transfer this person to a trained operator/agent. The strength of this model is that the questions may be recorded in an enthusiastic manner and be offered in a very fresh manner to EACH caller.
  • Voice Broadcasting/Message Broadcasting - here, your message or survey may be broadcasted to thousands of targeted customers. Perhaps a politician may wish to spur the interest of his region the night before an election with some crucial and up to the moment news. Furthermore, a survey could be conducted as well with being able to offer the push of one button in order to speak with an operator to gather concerns or have them record their statements for later analysis.

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