call center telemarketing services

Call center telemarketing services provides services for the call center in the telemarketing arena. This may be the very best marketing plan that can produce leads for your business. Call for a free quote at 1-800-231-5629

call center telemarketing services

Telemarketing may be one of the most effective ways of getting your product to the prospect. A call center in today's market should be using the most recent technology available. Formerly, manually dialing with operators delivering a message verbatim was about 30% as efficient as the alternatives that exist for today.

There are three ways to approach your call center telemarketing services:

  1. Manual dial
  2. Predictive Dial
  3. Voice Broadcasting

Predictive dialing represents an operator that is fed calls by a dialing mechanism. He/she still attempts to deliver a consistent message to each call that is connected. This can be difficult due to the constant hang up and rejection that is experienced.

Voice Broadcasting is different and offers the best solution. Only prospects that respond to a message are engaged in conversation. This maximizes the operator for the most human task, interacting with a potential sale.

Here at Voice Broadcasting Corp, we are experts at this. We can deliver your message to thousands of prospects. Give us a call and see what we can do for you! Call 1-800-231-5629


Have it YOUR Way!

Did you know that you can run calls yourself on the web? If you prefer, we can also control your calls for you. Either way we want to make sure your campaign is a success. We want to build a lasting business relationship with all of our clients, and we are committed to doing just that!