free merchant leads

Free merchant leads can be acquired. Some companies produce leads for a cost. They have databases that have either been built over time, or they have purchased data or may have acquired public information and as a result of their efforts to provide information, desire a charge to share this data. Even though this is true, there are ways to get the data free.

free merchant leads

The purpose of free merchant leads is to provide an opportunity to interact with these leads. To acquire a list of names in order to simply to store them would simply be a situation of absorbing costs for storage without any benefit. So, those who would be seeking free merchant leads would be doing so for the purpose of wanting to interact with the prospect list. Again, this is possible in part. The goal would be to find a marketing company that has factored in the costs for their database as a fixed cost item.

Let me explain: Fixed costs are costs that don't change. Or, at least they don't change much. It would be like having a house that you wanted to rent out to someone. You formulate a fair market value of $ 1,000 per month for the use of the home. So, this highly aggressive person gets to thinking that he will rent the house for $ 1,000.00 per month. He asks you if that's the entire contract. He states that the contract is simply that he is responsible to pass to you $ 1,000.00 on the first of the month, and he gets the keys to the house and as long as the money is paid within the time constraints, all things are amiable.

He then decides to go to his college buddies and says, if 10 of them want to share the place, they'll be responsible for $ 100.00 a piece. If he could get 20 guys interested, he'd charge them $ 50.00 a piece. You can see how a fixed cost model LOWERS the cost factor when there are more participants. This is why it is possible that you can almost get free merchant leads from a marketing company. They may have already received enough funds for that list that was constructed and it isn't a high priority for them to continue to recover the cost because it may already have been paid for.

Furthermore, this should also make you think in other directions as well. What if the college student above decided to charge 20 people $ 500.00 per month? He would have a $ 1,000.00 amount due and he would collect $ 10,000 per month!

When executing a telemarketing plan and you want to integrate a merchant lead list, try to find a company who is interested in having you succeed. The illustration above can demonstrate how a company can have assets that are already paid for and are charging an unreasonable margin for their product/services. If you go to a third party for these services, look for different options for these services to find the one that makes most sense for you.


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