How to send a broadcast message with windows 2000 server

Varying results that depend on the command options or interface you use to send messages can occur when using the messenger service in Windows. A local broadcast or a directed datagram, and to which NetBIOS name the message is to be sent depends on the method you use.

The basis of the information may be found at the following link: Click to see full article

The information in the article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Developer Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition

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Another simple test can be the following steps:

  1. Right click on My Computer
  2. Right click Shared Files
  3. Send Console Message

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