inbound outbound telemarketing

Inbound outbound telemarketing refers to the full service operations of a telemarketing call center. Inbound calls are just that, calls that come into the call center and outbound represents calls placed outside of the call center.

inbound outbound telemarketing

Inbound and Outbound telemarketing represents filling a double need of responding to the calls that come into a call center as well as a effort to reaching outside of the call center.

Inbound calls may simply be understood as prospects or clients dialing from their location into the call center. This usually occurs if there are different efforts ongoing such as direct mail advertising, internet banner ads, newspapers, radio, and others where a phone number may be listed in order to allow the person to respond. These calls are processed and managed by the inbound section of a call center.

Outbound calls may simply be understood as the call center is the one initiating the call and the calls are going out of the call center to a list of prospects. Usually, this is part of an effort related to marketing. Lists represent the potential target market for dialing. Operators stand by for a prospect to press a response on their phone.

Outbound calls aren't limited to selling. Polling can be executed as well. There are dozens of usage for this technology.

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