mailing list lead

Mailing list lead - providing mailing lists for the purpose of generating a lead or leads. The mailing list for lead is only the starting point; here's a great proven plan to produce the best mailing list lead plan.

mailing list lead

Boston University Corporate Education Center hosted a seminar. The marketing effort was not left to simply dropping a mailer. The strategy was to follow-up the direct mail with a prerecorded message and they found the response rates were boosted 10%!

The seminar was to discuss the apparent decline of IT jobs. The strategy was to drop some 50,000 mailers to prospects in the Boston Metroplex. They further decided to utilize a prerecorded message to about 10% of those that received the mail in order to remind them of the seminar. A strong voice from a female who acts urged the prospects to discover the truth about the IT job market and further urged for them to attend the seminar.

At the conclusion of the message, consumers could simply press a zero and they would actually be connected directly to the sales staff! Additionally, other numbers were provided in order to capture other services that were offered such as leaving messages, or going straight to voice mail, or asking to be put on a do not call list.

Andy Kelley, the center's associate executive director for marketing and sales stated, "If you want them to act, why leave it up to them to hang up the phone and call the next day?...Why not give them the opportunity to call us right then?" Kelley additionally went on to say, "In direct marketing, sometimes you're right and sometimes you're wrong. This time, we were very right."

What are these prerecorded messages?

The messages can be delivered to whomever, whenever you wish. You easily record your powerful message and coordinate the list to be targeted. These messages can be broadcasted very rapidly. It is really designed for people that want to reach thousands of people very quickly.


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