mosaix predictive dialers

Mosaix predictive dialers were conceived in the 1980's and still are produced and sold today. Predictive dialers permit an ability to call through a database list and provide live operators with an ability to speak with the prospects that are being dialed.

mosaix predictive dialers

Predictive dialers were revolutionary at one time. Formerly, a phone room would exist of a group of people that would be handed lists. They would go through each number, dialing the phone and then waiting for an answer. After some 10 seconds of looking, dialing, and listening, they might hear the sound of a disconnected number. Maybe they'd get the busy tone, or a ring that would endure until an answering machine would kick in. Sometimes, a friendly voice would answer only to discover that this wasn't Mr. Jones after all for his number had changed.

Predictive dialers changed this by offering an ability to feed lists to a dialing technology that would provide the dialing of the list of phone numbers automatically. When a connection was successful, the call would then be supplied to the operator. This was great in that operators were spared the lost time of disconnects, busy, and no answers on the phone.

The operator would then have the job to attempt to be fresh with each prospect that got on the phone. They would look down at their script and the words would begin to burn in their mind having repeated the words now some thousand times. The prospect sensing this almost immediately states, "I'm not interested" to which they attempt to provide a reasonable defense only to hear the phone being hung up. Day by day this goes on and over time, many operators fall like fallen soldiers, casualties of the telemarketing war.

Now, the technology has advanced and the hottest thing available is voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting will offer the advantages of predictiive dialing with one huge exception. Rather than connecting the answered call with an operator, a dynamic recorded message will be presented. This message may be scientifically tested against others in order that your most effective presentation is offered to your target prospects. Once a person is moved to respond to this message, they may simply press 1 on their phone and at that time the live operator may be introduced to the prospect. So, the operators only speak with those who have responded. This produces a positive experience and allows the maximum use of live operators.

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