network broadcast message

A network broadcast message permits an administrator to communicate with users on the system of an important message. This is usually reserved to notify users to save information and disconnect so that service can be applied to the network.

network broadcast message

An assumption that may be falsely held is that all messages delivered to all connected nodes will be noticed. It may be that a person who is connected is not by his/her machine.

Secondly, it is also assumed that the message will be read if the operator is present. This also may not be true. As a matter of fact, there are many times that users get annoyed when the messages come too frequently.

One final thought about a network broadcast message, you may end up receiving phone calls from the users wanting to know how long the system will be down, and who knows how many other questions that they'll dream up. So, use this sparingly, and when you do, be sure to communicate to the users how long you estimate that this will be and finally, take head to use it only when necessary.


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