norstar voice mail desktop messaging

Norstar voice mail desktop messaging for your voice mail needs from the desktop. Please read on for more information of Norstar products and services.

norstar voice mail desktop messaging

One of the products offered by Norstar is the Business Series Terminals. The product is durable and offers reliability and flexibility. The product is fully backward compatible allowing support for the Business Communications Manager as well as the Norstar systems. This permits a scalable model that is cost-effective.

Another offering by Norstar is their Computer Telephony Integration. This would enable improvement to various business components and possibly reduce costs. Intelligent call routing, dialing, and automated display of information may assist in improving customer service and employee effectiveness.

Here are some of their featured products and solutions:


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Did you know that you can run calls yourself on the web? If you prefer, we can also control your calls for you. Either way we want to make sure your campaign is a success. We want to build a lasting business relationship with all of our clients, and we are committed to doing just that!