school automatic dialer parent phone call

School automatic dialer parent phone call for parental notification of school information. Have your school automatically dial parents with important school information

school automatic dialer parent phone call

A school frequently has needs to provide information to parents of students that attend the school. It can be too cumbersome to dial through hundreds of phone numbers in order to pass out time sensitive information.

Some uses for a school automatic dialer parent phone call:

  • Notification that the student wasn't in class
  • Notification that the student didn't go to school the entire day
  • Parent Teachers Association meeting declared
  • Notification that grade are coming out
  • Notification of state compliance tardiness being violated
  • Notification of musical, drama, or any other special function being offered
  • Much more...

The process would be to simply contact a company that offers these products and services and supply them with the list of names. The message can be recorded and after choosing your target parent list, messages are delivered immediately. No more worrying about busy numbers because the system will automatically call back.

Voice Broadcasting Corp offers a wide variety of services of this type and more. Call Jeff Fournier @ 1-800-231-5629.


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