spitfire predictive dialers telemarketing software

Spitfire predictive dialers telemarketing software provides a call center an opportunity to utilize a predictive dialer with many features. The spifire predictive dialer with telemarketing software simply plugs into the wall jack and feeds through an ethernet hub and delivers data lines and headsets to your agents.

spitfire predictive dialers telemarketing software

A predictive dialer permits the utilization of a technology that feeds lists to a dialer. The dialer goes through the lists and when connections are made, passes the connection to the operator so that the agent can present your product and/or service to the prospect. Some of the features of the Spitfire Predictive dialers are:

  • The ability to run multiple campaigns at the same time
  • Calls can be routed to agents at any location
  • Dial by data elements, i.e. whatever your database offers, you can dial by the criteria of that data
  • Knowledgeable of the varying time zones
  • Ability to record and monitor calls

ROI (Return On Investment) represents the ability to recover the costs associated with investing in supplying a call center with telemarketing infrastructure. You are basically throwing the dice and you're looking to cover your bets that leads will be produced. The factors for ROI are more than a dialing technology. Consider the following:

  • What will you say when you are connected to your prospect?
  • What if what you're saying isn't working, perhaps worst, what if you don't know that what you're saying isn't effective?
  • Do you have a plan to scientifically evaluate your messages of products and/or service?
  • Are your agents trained and seasoned to effectively represent your product and/or service?
  • Do you have the skills to take on every nuance of this special field?

There are yet many more questions to consider when investing in a telemarketing call center. Why not outsource it? You don't have to go to India or the Philippines. The advantages of outsourcing are many:

  • No initial investment - You don't have to buy hardware and software. Without initial investment of capital, doesn't that make the ROI model simpler?
  • No personnel to hire, train, wages to pay - Again, as in the point of not having to invest in hardware and software. If you don't have to hire, train, and pay wages to personnel, this reduces the investment of ROI.
  • Utilize expertise of proven professionals - if you outsource, you'll receive assistance from those that do this for a living and aren't selling you an incomplete tool kit. It is like B.B. King can show you how to play a blues riff on the guitar, but if you don't know how to play, how will you apply it? The fact that a product can provide you with an ability to use template scripts or custom scripts, if you're not doing this 24/7, how effective will you be? Furthermore, sometimes people simply paint themselves into a corner because they don't expand their thinking. They may get into a jam because they're approaching the problem myopically. There is an advantage to having professionals as counselors.

Additionally, Voice Broadcasting is probably a better choice. Voice broadcasting will permit the presentation phase of the process where the digital presentation can be done with great enthusiasm, not effected by sickness, depression, rejection. It's always the same power packed message delivered each and every time. Then, when the prospect simply presses a 1, the agent is now utilized as what he/she does best. Use the human skills to turn the prospect into a lead.


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