telemarketing lead list

A telemarketing lead list is one of the key elements to a successful telemarketing lead list campaign. A telemarketing lead list represents the numbers that will be telephoned and all efforts should insure that the types of calls being dialed are not on the do not call list in order to comply with Federal regulations.

telemarketing lead list

Your telemarketing lead list represents the prospects that will be phoned. You want to insure that the list is relative to your target market. Why dial all phone numbers of all people if your goal is to reach people within a certain zip code? You could dial the entire phone list of all people possible, but why would you? The point is very simple, if you're going to present a message to someone for the purpose of hoping that you can meet a want or need for that prospect, you want to do your best to obtain a list that is specifically targeted to your potential prospects.

An additional consideration is that your telemarketing lead list should be updated regularly. There are issues that are experienced whether a list is updated or not such as:

  • No answer
  • Voice mail
  • Busy

These items are experienced regardless of how updated your list is, but there are at least two issues that reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of a campaign that are directly associated to utilizing lists that are not updated:

  • Disconnected numbers - if a list of names is not updated, then those numbers that have been disconnected will be called and efforts are wasted for reaching a number that is disconnected. So, a call center's software should do an effective job at updating the lists that are used so that the list does not waste time with disconnected numbers.
  • Do not call numbers - Federal regulations require compliance in not disturbing do not call numbers.

The telemarketing lead list is the database supplier portion of the telemarketing effort. Other key components are:

  • Trained agents - So, you get a prospect on the phone, how quickly can he/she loose interest because of a poorly trained or poorly staffed agent?
  • Manually dialing efforts - The agent pounds through the list, manually dialing, wondering if it will be a disconnect, or busy, perhaps an answering machine and then their almost caught off-guard when someone actually answers. This is highly inefficient. This should almost always be avoided.
  • Broadcast your prerecorded message - Rather than wasting time with the manual dialing efforts, some choose predictive dialers. Predictive dialers do provide a better ability to engage your agent in a conversation. This is true because the numbers are dialed by an auto dialing system and only calls that connect are passed to the operator. Again, this is much better than manually dialing agents; however, they are still required to present the message with vigor and vitality to a frustrated audience. The best alternative is to execute a dynamically recorded message once. This highly motivated message is then broadcasted out to thousands of prospects. Only the prospect that desires to respond is passed on to the agent, by simply pressing a 1 on the phone. This is by far the best approach.

Have it YOUR Way!

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