voice messaging pc card small

Voice messaging pc card technology permits multiple mailbox ability. You can easily install the card into one of your PC Card Slots. This will allow subscribers to listen to message, delete message or save messages.

voice messaging pc card small

A voice messaging pc card permits an easy-to-use, entry-level messaging system designed to help customers communicate more efficiently. Physically, the software resides on a PC card that is inserted into a slot. Single level automated attendant, 2 ports, 4 to 16 mailboxes, 100 total minutes of system message storage, date and time stamp per mailbox, save and delete message button, call-back-to receptionist button, transfer-out-of-mailbox, choice of call answer mode (record or answer-only), rewind/fast forward while listening to messages, easy installation and upgrades via PC card. The software has a range that is very wide. Be sure to shop with vendors that you trust!


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