voice messaging system

The Voice Messaging System that Voice Broadcasting offers is produced on a patented hardware system driven by custom software. The Voice Messaging System will greatly impact the sales efforts of your company or you don't pay.

voice messaging system

A good voice messaging system will include the following:

  • Great Hardware for dialing - Hardware that handles the load. Thousands of calls to be blasted delivering your message.
  • Software to drive the Hardware - There needs to be excellent software that sweeps through the data to be dialed and correctly manages each call for varying statuses and efficiently tags each call.
  • Online reporting - An ability to be able to check on the progress of your campaign from anywhere/anytime. The reports should be straight forward and to the point. You shouldn't have to have an MBA to understand them.
  • Real-time updates - The last thing you want is last week's data. The data needs to be fed in on a real-time basis, i.e. as it's happening, it's updating reports for you.
  • Agents that can assist you in taking calls - whether inbound or outbound, you may need help in having trained operators ready to go to either take your inbound calls or to respond to the outbound effort.
  • Great scripts - When your message is going to be broadcasted to thousands and thousands of listeners, you want to make sure that you have the best and most compelling message possible. The system should be able to handle the presentation of multiple messages so that there can be a scientific analysis and proof of what is working the most effectively.
  • Assistance by experts - at the end of the day, after all energies are applied to a campaign, there's nothing more comforting than to have people with expertise in the voice messing system that can provide insight and direction to give you the best chance for a successful campaign.

Hi, I'm Jeff Fournier, CEO of VoiceBroadcasting.com and I would like to talk with you to see if Voice Broadcasting seems like a fit for your products and services. Call me at 1-800-231-5629.


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