Your company wants more leads or you would not be here. I have a simple proposal for you. We will furnish a targeted phone list for free, and create a lead generation campaign for you. Then, instead of cold calling, your phones will ring off the hook with calls from interested leads.

We have been doing Voice Broadcasting since 1987, and have generated millions of sales leads since then. Voice Broadcasting has been used to successfully find interested leads for an incredible range of services.

I am Jeff Fournier, CEO of VoiceBroadcasting.com, and I would like to talk with you to see if Voice Broadcasting seems like a fit for your products and services.

Call me at 800-231-5629 or chat with me now.


We make it easy for you to be successful. Our team will help create a powerfully persuasive set of recorded phone messages, and then we will call a targeted list of your prospects and play your message to them. The interested ones press 1 to talk to you.

We will furnish a phone list to dial to, for free. We have a list database with hundreds of millions of records, which we will search through to find the people most likely to be interested in talking to you.

We give you online control and real-time web-reporting so you can control exactly how many, and how fast leads are coming to you, so you're not overwhelmed with too many at once.

Call us at 800-231-5629 or chat with us now.


Unlike many competitors, we have great lists that we furnish you free of charge. These lists include the phone numbers for every single registered business in the U.S, and we have many other responsive lists as well.

How much is an interested lead worth to you? The people that we will connect to you will have first listened to your 30-60 second message on the phone, and then decided to call you or press 1 to connect to you.

Our clients are often shocked by how inexpensively we can generate interested leads for them, compared to the other methods they were using. Most of our clients pay $3 to $10 per connected, interested lead.

Call us at 800-231-5629.

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The principals of VoiceBroadcasting.com have been successfully generating leads since 1987, and have brought millions of leads to clients around the world since then.

Jeff Fournier is the man in charge, and he handles resellers and large volume clients. Amber Valdez is the CEO. Amber and her team will make sure that every detail is done, the way you want it.

Walter Monk is the man to talk to when you are thinking, "I wonder if Voice Broadcasting Corp. could do...?" The answer is probably YES, and Walt is the guy that can figure out how to turn your idea into reality.

You can reach us all at 800-231-5629.



We are aggressively recruiting agents and resellers for our company. If you are a political consultant, marketing consultant, or you have clients that need more leads and you would like to help your clients win, we would like to set up a mutually beneficial arrangement with you.

We pay our agents the highest commissions in the industry, and we offer resellers a very profitable, flexible opportunity.

Please call Jeff Fournier at 800-231-5629 to discuss making a win-win arrangement for both of our companies.

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